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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

You can get a life insurance policy in California from Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc. to protect your family from the results of an unexpected passing. It is true, we all feel a bit of discomfort discussing these issues but facing them head-on is the best way to protect your family from any loss of income or other stresses involved with the loss of a provider, guardian, and loved ones.

If you do not know much about how life insurance policies work and what they cover, then you should consult with an agent at Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc. to get a better understanding of what type of policy might be best for your particular situation.

Two Basic Types of Life Insurance Policies

There are two basic types of life insurance products that insurance companies typically offer: term or permanent/whole life. There are differences in how these policies work, what they cover, and the terms of their length/extent of coverage as well. To get a better understanding or a more complete and accurate picture of the difference in these two life insurance policy types, it is best to consult with an insurance agent at Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc.

Term Life Policies

Term life insurance policies are policies that do not cover the full length of your life, and there is typically a living benefit. A living benefit means that you can use the product during your life while you are alive. There is a death benefit, but the amounts of coverage are entirely different from the whole life or permanent policies, which your agent can further explain. Death benefits in term life policies are only distributed if the death occurs during the terms of the policy, typically 5-30 years.

Whole Life or Permanent Life Policies

Permanent, or whole, life insurance policies typically do not have a living benefit, only death benefits. These policies have different requirements and coverage choices than the term life policies. Death benefits are paid no matter when, or what age, you die. Ask for more information from your agent about the fundamental differences and benefits of each policy type. We can help answer your questions and get you a quote.

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