California Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Setting up a business takes time, money, and consistent effort. As such, it is vital to protect your business investment from insurable risks by taking up a commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance helps you to remain financially sound after hazards such as fires, liability, or expensive legal suits. Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc. writes commercial insurance for those all around the state of California.

Here are our commercial insurance coverage options:

Commercial auto insurance

Also known as business auto insurance, this coverage option insures registered business vehicles against theft, accidents, or damage. It is vital to note that this coverage option does not insure personal vehicles even if they are used for business purposes. The vehicles insured must be legally registered under the business entity.

Commercial property insurance

Business property is expensive to acquire and develop. Without a commercial insurance coverage option, any damage on the business property can set you back financially. This coverage option insures your business property against hazards such as fire, theft, or natural disasters.

General liability insurance

If someone is injured on your business property, they will most likely sue for damages. In most instances, courts tend to award considerable amounts to the affected individuals. Without a liability insurance coverage option in place, you might end up losing vast sums of money in such suits. This coverage option pays to represent you in court and also meets the damage sum set by the court.

Workers compensation insurance

According to the state's laws, workers who get injured while on duty are eligible for compensation. The worker's compensation insurance compensates these individuals ensuring that they can meet their financial obligations as they recover.

Looking to insure your business today? At Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc., we are your ideal commercial insurance partner in California. We have designed our coverage options to meet local business standards. Also, our industry-trained agents are always on hand to advise you on the ideal coverage options for your business. Visit our offices today for a free quote for your commercial insurance coverage.

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