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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

In California, it is a legal requirement to acquire auto insurance for your vehicle. The purpose of an auto insurance policy is to cover the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle after an insured event occurs. It also offers liability to cover the costs of injuries or damages to third parties involved in an accident in which you are responsible. Luckily, Harbor West Insurance Agency, Inc. writes auto insurance for those all-around California.

Here are some of our auto insurance coverage options:

Personal liability coverage

The personal liability coverage option comes into play after an aggrieved party sues you for damages. The coverage option covers the litigation costs and the damages accrued if the court finds you culpable. This coverage option is a basic requirement for all car owners in the state.

Personal Injury coverage

After an auto accident, you might lose your income depending on the injuries you sustain. Also, the medical expenses accrued after the accident can push you to the limit financially and potentially deplete your savings. However, with this coverage option, it is possible to meet your financial obligations after an accident.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle after an accident. It is vital to remember that the liability coverage option only repairs the other party's car, which makes the coverage option an ideal addition to your auto insurance policy. Also, if you reside in a busy California city, this coverage option could come in handy for you.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage option handles the non-accident damages to your vehicle. These include weather damage and theft. The comprehensive coverage option meets the repair or replacement costs in such events.

Get Auto Insurance in California

At Harbor West Insurance agency, we are committed to affording you ideal auto insurance solutions. Our coverage options are tailor-made to meet the local auto insurance requirements. Also, we offer advice from experienced agents who will guide you through deciding on the ideal coverage options for your vehicle.

Contact us today for a free estimate of your auto insurance policy. Our agents are ready to help answer your questions and get you a quote.

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